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1000% the best company to go to if you are in need of hearing aids!

My grandfather has spent the last 1-2 years going back to the company he was dealing with and they actually got quite rude with him and made him feel like he was stupid. He had non stop issues with his hearing aid not working. My mother brought him to see hearme and wow what an amazing experience not only did they sort him out with the CORRECT hearing aids, they suggested a suitable phone to use with his aids and also he got a free upgrade! We are all loving the old boy being able to hear again!!!


Jamie Hati
Date: 11/09/18

I would like to say that my experience with the people at the hear me Clinic in Hamilton was excellent.

I thought after my first visit I did not feel the need to shop around for prices & service. They went above & beyond my expectations & did everything to make my transition to hearing aids as hassle free as possible. Thanks, Melissa & Clare.

John Hart
Date: 22/06/18

“… I am delighted with the excellent service from hear me. They went beyond the ‘extra mile’ for me; they found excessive wax (no one’s looked before) plus as I had lost a hearing aid, they even did all the sorting out of my insurance claim too, I am getting two new hearing aids!!   I have never received this level of care before – not even from my regular hearing aid company!”

Flora Cameron, Thames Valley Assoc.
Dated: 8 Sept 2016

I purchased hearing aids from another place four years ago and have never heard well with them. There has been whistling all the time and not hearing clearly was frustrating both my husband and my kids. Then I found hear me. I will never go anywhere else. I found them professional and extremely knowledgeable. THEY FIXED MY HEARING AIDS! For the first time in years I can hear. Thank you HEAR ME.

Yvonne B, Auckland

CARING is one word I would use to describe hear me. From the beginning they made me feel that they wanted the very best for me and they have achieved excellent results with my hearing.

John P, Matamata

I recently had the need for Hearing aids and found the service provided by Specialist Hearing Services Ltd (hear me), to be more than satisfying. From the first appointment it was clear they were determined to give customer satisfaction.

The attention to detail, to ensure my personal comfort and not just sell a product made this an easy exercise.

I was able to get a good understanding of the different brands and the options they gave, this enabled me to get exactly what suits my lifestyle .

Denis, Cambridge

I have just  had new hearing aids fitted at hear me, Hamilton.  What can I say, my world has changed for the better and I’m hearing things I have never heard before. It is absolutely amazing.

The service was 10/10 with very friendly service and comfortable surroundings. The care to detail and personal interest from both the Audiologist and receptionist was both a refreshing and pleasant experience.

Chris, the Audiologist recommended Starkey Hearing aids which are crystal clear and discrete with the whole package being first class and representing great value for money. They are Bluetooth which connect wirelessly to my cell phone so I can adjust the Volume and many other settings as I get use to them.

Believe it or not, I can also answer my phone and talk and hear clearly, listen to music and even the GPS directly through these new hearing aids. Battery life is greatly extended, they are comfortable to wear with cleaning and maintenance is a breeze.

The ability to hear at this level has really added to my life and given me new confidence when talking to anyone in different situations. Also listening to TV is now a relaxing experience, instead of a strain as before. I wish to extend my appreciation to Hearme, Hamilton for the changes in my hearing ability, which really has had a huge effect on my daily life.

David B., Hamilton
Date: 06/05/15