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Hearing aids are small electronic devices which fit in or on your ear, designed to ‘aid’ your natural hearing and fill in the blanks.

There are hundreds of different options of hearing aids, we can help you find those right for your individual hearing loss, lifestyle, budget and preference.

The success of a hearing aid is down to the right selection and most importantly, how it is fitted. We spend the time to get it right for you, using the ultimate in verification technology to ensure you are hearing everything you need to.

Hearing Aids Styles

Hearing Aid Styles hearme

Choosing the right hearing aid system for you can seem daunting, this is where you rely on your chosen clinician to consider your individual hearing loss and lifestyle needs to navigate through the hundreds of options available. Many people assume the smallest hearing aids are the most expensive, however, this is not the case. What the hearing aid looks like is just the shell, it is the internal electronics which determine the cost. Hearing aids with the most sophisticated noise management systems and that adapt automatically to different listening situations are referred to as ‘premium/ elite/ top of the range’. Hearing aids described as ‘entry-level/ affordable’ are better suited to a quiet lifestyle as they cope well in the home environment but less so in groups and noise.

Which Technology Suits your Lifestyle?

With the right hearing aids, fitted well by a good clinician, you should enjoy your emersion back in the world of sound in comfort.

We are INDEPENDENT and therefore UNBIASED. Our clinicians have no sales targets and so have full freedom to advise you based on your needs alone

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I would like to say that my experience with the people at the hearme Clinic in Hamilton was excellent.

I thought after my first visit I did not feel the need to shop around for prices & service. They went above & beyond my expectations & did everything to make my transition to hearing aids as hassle free as possible.

– John H, Hamilton

rechargeable hearing aids specialist hamilton auckland

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Do away with replacing wasteful disposable batteries, charging your hearing aids overnight will give you a full day’s wear worry free.

bluetooth hearing aids hamilton auckland

Bluetooth Connectivity

Enjoy hands free phone calls, answer the phone simply by pressing a button on the hearing aid! Use your smartphone as a remote control to adjust the sound of the hearing aids if you chose. Some are ‘made for any phone’ some ‘made for iPhone’

Hearing Aid Prices

Our hearing aid prices start at $500* per aid, reaching up to $4,500 per aid for the most advanced hearing aid available on the market. Our hearing aids come with a three year manufacturer’s warranty.  We offer the latest technology from a range of manufacturers to provide you with the best option for you.

You are probably eligible for assistance towards the cost of hearing aids, which can dramatically reduce the cost to you, we can assess all avenues for you and are approved to gain ACC funding, Veteran’s Affairs Funding, Ministry of Health Funding and Subsidies amongst others on your behalf.

*When eligible for the Government Subsidy.

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