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Our aim is to make quality hearing aids affordable, fitted and cared for with the best service.

“Quality Hearing Aids and Exceptional Service Guaranteed”

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Free Hearing Check

Do you find hearing in crowds and background noise more challenging, turning the TV or radio up louder?
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Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are small electronic devices which fit in or on your ear, designed to ‘aid’ your natural hearing…
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Find A Clinic Near You

Hearme has many different branches in Auckland and Waikato region. Find the clinic close to you.

Hearme ® – The Hearing Aid Specialists

Mr Hugh Litchfield Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon in the Waikato since 1978, founded hearme in 2011 for his patients, to give them quality hearing aids that really work for them.

Our team of clinicians each have over 12 years’ experience in audiology. We offer state of the art technology from all manufacturers and we operate without sales targets or commission. We can truly offer the best solution for you without bias.

We are registered and accredited to assess and offer you funding and subsidies from ACC, Ministry of Health and Veteran’s Affairs among others.

What Our Patients Are Saying

I recently had the need for Hearing aids and found the service provided by Specialist Hearing Services Ltd (hearme), to be more than satisfying. From the first appointment it was clear they were determined to give customer satisfaction.

The attention to detail, to ensure my personal comfort and not just sell a product made this an easy exercise.

I was able to get a good understanding of the different brands and the options they gave, this enabled me to get exactly what suits my lifestyle.



CARING is one word I would use to describe hearme. From the beginning they made me feel that they wanted the very best for me and they have achieved excellent results with my hearing.
John P


I purchased hearing aids from another place four years ago and have never heard well with them. There has been whistling all the time and not hearing clearly was frustrating both my husband and my kids. Then I found hearme. I will never go anywhere else. I found them professional and extremely knowledgeable.

THEY FIXED MY HEARING AIDS! For the first time in years I can hear.

Thank you HEARME.

Yvonne B


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