Hearing Loss Services


Hearing Check (Adults)

A check of the health of the outer ear and measure of hearing levels at the main speech frequencies. We recommend this check if you have never had a hearing test before and are unsure of any loss, or if you know you’re hearing is normal and would just like to monitor.


Full Diagnostic Hearing Assessment
An examination of the health of the outer ear, full puretone audiometry to measure hearing levels, speech discrimination testing and tympanometry to test the middle ear function. A report can be completed for your GP or other specialist as required at no extra charge.


Hearing And Hearing Aid Review

To monitor hearing and hearing aid function and re-tune as required.


Solution Discussion For Your Individual Hearing Loss Free With Quote For Hearing Aids
Together we will narrow down all the options based on individual hearing loss, lifestyle, personal preference and budget. Hearme has a strict honesty policy and our clinicians will not suggest hearing aids where they are not needed, and always recommend appropriate levels of technology for you.

$40 / 30 mins

Re-Fitting/ Fine Tuning Of Hearing Aids Purchased From Other Registered Providers
(Excludes Online Sales)
Please note: Appointments can take up to 90 minutes

Any testing and re-fitting thereafter

* For consumables or spare parts please call 0800 HEAR ME

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